How to Donate?

Wish to make a donation?

It’s very easy!

  1. Register on Doando! First, click on “Be a donor”, then on “Sign up / Login”. If you wish to register as a donor click on “Donor / Volunteer”, if you are already registred just click on “Log in / Profile”.
  2. Put in your information and click on register
  3. Once you are registred and logged in to your account, click on “Be a donor” and then on “Start a new donation”
  4. Enter the category of the object you wish to donate and put the location that is closest to you
  5. You can now see which institutions could benefit from your donation!
  6. To finish, you just need to decide to which institution you are going to make a donation, and see its profile! There you have the adress and phone number of that institution.
  7. Get in contact though our message box and make your donation!

Plus: leave a comment telling us how was your experience in Doando!

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